“I have eaten these cookies many times, and they are always delicious. This was no exception. Obviously, they are the best or I wouldn’t keep ordering. I have eaten chocolate chip cookies all over the world, but continue to come back to Marcia’s!”

“These cookies are so delicious and satisfying! We call them Adult only gourmet cookies! Chewiness from dried cherries, crunchiness from macadamia nuts, and perfect bite from chocolates. It is simply perfect. With a glass of cold milk, we are going so wild on these wild cookies!”

“These cookies deserve a 10 cookie rating!!! They are fabulous. When I opened the tin, they looked exactly like the picture on the website and the taste was awesome!!!!!I can not say enough about these cookies they really are the BEST COOKIE!!”

“You can really taste the flavor distinction with these cookies from others. (Must be the organic ingredients). Heat for just a couple of seconds and the swarming hot chocolate is all over your mouth!”